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Compact pocket calculator with 8-digit display, universal hole and integrated 10 cm ruler
Punch through holes and thus the ideal assistant in the organizer, ring binder, folder or in the writing folder. Suitable for all common formats and perforations (DIN A4, A5, US, etc.)
Keyboard: easy-to-use and to-clean rubber keys
Power supply: Dual-Power (solar power with sufficient light and immediate switch-over to battery operation with too little light) / Battery included
Functions: Basic Calculations [+] [-] [x] [/], Root Calculation [?], Percentage [%], Sign Change Key [+/-], 3 Button Memory [M +] [M-] [] MRC], deletion: last entry [CE]

Dimension: (B x T x H) 7,5 x 10,5 x 0,8 cm
Display 8-digits
Weight 45 g