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GENIE Ballpoint

Product description:

GENIE ballpoint pen, different colours in a box as set: 5 x black, 5 x blue, 2 x red - (individually removable)
The soft-writing ball-point pens deliver a high-quality and opaque image quality thanks to the high quality ink. They are also very suitable for many people.
White plastic housing, push-button and tip in respective writing colours, ergonomic thick handle, rubberised soft grip zone, metal spring, pressure mechanism and clip made of plastic (ABS)
Thin, replaceable plastic standard mines with a metal tip, a ball diameter of 1 mm and a line thickness of 0.5 mm thickness / width
For fine writing and drawing. Pens in a timeless design for women / men, children, business, everyday life, hobby. The perfect instrument for school, university and office, for left and right-handed people

Dimension: (B x T x H) 1,45 x 14,27 x 1,09 cm
Weight 11 g