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GENIE Ölblätter

Product description:

6 oil shredders for shredders, suitable for all types of cutting (for example particle cut), equipment and manufacturer
The oil is uniformly distributed in sealed envelopes and is carefully applied in the cutting process, without dripping surplus. Advantage to conventional bottle oil: Never more oily fingers or oil in the shredder collecting basket. So GENIE oil paper is a "clean thing"!
Regular oiling extends the life of the shredder, ensures a constant cutting performance and reduces the operating noise
Regularly run an envelope GENIE oil paper through your shredder and then operate the machine to reverse the cutting rollers
The perfectly dosed cleaning agent with vegetable lubricants lubricates the motor, the rollers and sharpens the blades of the device
For safety reasons, avoid unsuitable oil from the bottle or spraying oil - risk of fire!

Dimension: (B x T x H) 24 x 0,2 x 20 cm
Weight 91 g