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GENIE Pencli

Product description:

GENIE genius pencils in high-quality, timeless design including accessories - two different mines thicknesses in the case as a set: 2 x blue (0,5mm) and 1 x black (0,7mm) - (individually removable)
Clear view of paper and tip thanks to a rigid guide tube and a light plastic housing with ergonomic handle make the pen an ideal tool for everyday use
Feeding of the mines with precise mechanics (pushing of spare mines from the depot by pressing). Integrated eraser (standard = 4x19mm) and mine bearing under the push button (refillable with HB mines)
For fine writing and drawing with ruler, guideline, template and geodreieck. The perfect instrument for women, men, children 's geometry in school, university and office, for left - handed and right - handed people
Scope of delivery: 2 x pressure pencils (thickness: 0.5 mm) incl. 3 matching fine mines and one eraser per pen; 1 x pressure pencil (thickness: 0.7 mm) incl. 3 matching fine lines and an eraser

Dimension: (B x T x H) 1,24 x 14,23 x 0,93 cm
Weight 8 g