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GENIE Binding combs assortment

Product description:

Set of 20, plastic spiral binding, in DIN A4 format (30cm) - GENIE original binding device
Type of the binder gussets: 21 rings, US-division plastic binders for 21-ring system, suitable for all binders of this type

Set contains the following binders:
5 x 6mm in white (25 sheets)
5 x 8mm in blue (45 sheets)
5 x 10mm in red (65 sheets)
5 x 12mm in black (95 sheets)

Design and bind your menus, calendars, recipe books, photo albums, brochures, reports, statistics, application maps, project folders, presentation maps, bachelor thesis, master thesis,

For plastic binders, easy scrolling and complete page turning (180 °) is possible. Compared to wire binding with metal spirals or metal wire and thermal bonding, plastic and plastic binders can be removed or added later

Dimension: (B x T x H) 6 x 3 x 31,5 cm
Weight 95 g